HUE partnership with City of Tempe for mobile cooling trailer looks forward to future


ASU Engineering students working on converting trailer into a sustainability friendly and sustainable space

HUE partnership with City of Tempe for mobile cooling trailer looks forward to future

HUE and the City of Tempe unveiled a new project that will not only serve as a place of shelter from the brutal summer heat in the Valley of the Sun, but

Sept 22: Book launch and roundtable

Join the UREx SRN via Zoom on September 22, 2021, 2pm – 3:30pm Arizona time, for a roundtable discussion and launch of Resilient Urban Futures, a new book exploring the

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UREx Future Cities podcast recognized by ESA

Urban Resilience to Extremes SRN’s monthly podcast, Future Cities, has been awarded the Ecological Society of America’s “Science Communication in Practice Award.” This award is given to ESA members who

May 12: The impact of supportive housing on the costs of chronic mental illness

Sustainability scholar Chrissie Bausch and scientist Jonathan Koppell are among the featured presenters for this noontime event, “Housing is Health Care,” presented by ASU’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy

GovLove podcast highlights student led sustainability planning effort

For four years, Project Cities has acted as a convener for students and local government leaders to collaborate to tackle real-world sustainability problems and develop professional skills. As we wrap up


10 AZ Mayors Unite to Honor Earth Day 2021 and Advance Regional Sustainability Efforts

Ten Arizona Mayors pledged to partake in a statewide celebration of Earth Day this April. Their video message, as well as an extensive list of Earth Day events and activities,

Mayors Across Arizona Join Together to Celebrate Earth Day AZ

Press Release: April 19, 2021 Mayors Across Arizona Join Together to Celebrate Earth Day AZ Ten Arizona mayors are joining together to celebrate Earth Day AZ, a new statewide collaboration

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Study of ancient cities can offer lessons for today

ASU researchers suggest urbanists shouldn’t forget the past when studying the future. Complexity scientists studying urbanism need to take a historical perspective, according to Jose Lobo and his co-authors.

ASU launches Sustainable Maryvale StoryMap

The tool demonstrates how we can localize the Sustainable Development Goals using six forms of Community Capital to redirect local systems toward community sustainability, and how this approach can be replicated in neighborhoods across the US and beyond.

UREx SRN Inspires Greylit Research into City and State Resilience Finance

The UREx SRN recently supported a pinnacle webinar that profiled two UREx-derived research projects focused on building practitioner resilience. 500 participants attended the day-of event and at least as many

Stories of our shared climate future: San Juan

The StoryMap platform includes syntheses for coastal, riverine, and urban flood scenarios as well as the three transformative visions developed during the UREx San Juan 2080 scenario workshops.

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New paper: Urban ecological infrastructure for biocultural services

A new study by CAP LTER sustainability scientists evaluated how Phoenix residents perceive and value urban ecological infrastructure (UEI). This research can help urban planners, landscape architects, etc., create UEI that people enjoy and that has biological value.