Mayors Across Arizona Join Together to Celebrate Earth Day AZ

Press Release: April 19, 2021

Mayors Across Arizona Join Together to Celebrate Earth Day AZ

Ten Arizona mayors are joining together to celebrate Earth Day AZ, a new statewide collaboration celebrating the many ways Arizona communities support the Earth with the goal of inspiring residents to take action for Earth Day during the month of April and beyond.

As members of and in partnership with Arizona State University’s Sustainable Cities Network (SCN), Arizona mayors and communities are showing that there is power in unity and that we all have a role to play in ensuring our planet’s health now and in the future. Collectively, we can protect our precious and diverse natural resources and secure a thriving future for our state and world.

“It is impressive and encouraging to see so many Arizona communities and mayors celebrating the importance of Earth Day and highlighting the importance of local actions,” said Anne Reichman, Director of ASU’s SCN. “We’re both honored and thrilled to support this statewide partnership and look forward to the positive impact local communities will contribute to the long-term sustainability of Arizona.”

To learn more and view a video message from the Mayors visit

Participating cities and towns for Earth Day AZ include:

  1. El Mirage – Mayor Alexis Hermosillo
  2. Flagstaff – Mayor Paul Deasy
  3. Fountain Hills – Mayor Ginny Dickey
  4. Mesa – Mayor John Giles
  5. Oro Valley – Mayor Joe Winfield
  6. Peoria – Mayor Cathy Carlat
  7. Phoenix – Mayor Kate Gallego
  8. Sedona – Mayor Sandy Moriarty
  9. Tempe – Mayor Corey Woods
  10. Tucson – Mayor Regina Romero

Since April 22, 1970, Earth Day has been globally recognized as a way to motivate environmental initiatives. Each year, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, but every day is the perfect opportunity for residents to show their commitment to protect the environment through more sustainable practices.

Reducing our consumption to be more sustainable:

  • Don’t leave water running when not in use
  • Carpool or use public transit whenever possible

Reusing materials to decrease waste:

  • Use your own reusable water bottle or coffee mug
  • Take reusable shopping bags to the grocery store

Recycling to reduce the amount of waste:

  • Quickly rinse out food cans before placing in your blue recycling container
  • Junk mail and magazines can go in your blue recycling container

Reconsidering the items used daily:

  • Use energy-efficient and long-lasting LED bulbs in the home
  • Buy recycled paper for your home and office

These simple ways of reducing, reusing, recycling and reconsidering help all of us achieve a most sustainable future.

The ASU Sustainable Cities Network (SCN) is an innovative group created to strengthen efforts to ensure sustainability in the region and across Arizona.  Comprised of Arizona city, town, county and tribal community practitioners and leaders, SCN is a vehicle for sharing knowledge, identifying best practices, coordinating planning and actions, and fostering long-term partnerships.  Created as a bridge between ASU research and local sustainability challenges, SCN participants and partners work together to streamline and green city operation and advance local and regional sustainability and resilience measures.