GovLove podcast highlights student led sustainability planning effort

For four years, Project Cities has acted as a convener for students and local government leaders to collaborate to tackle real-world sustainability problems and develop professional skills. As we wrap up another successful semester, Project Cities Program Manager Steve Russell and Victoria Caster from the City of Peoria were featured on GovLove, a podcast about local government, to discuss Peoria’s collaboration with ASU to work on the city’s Sustainability Action Plan (SAP). The discussion spans various topics, from the work that students have done with Peoria, as well as other partner communities, to the potential of collaboration with other cities and EPIC-N.

Project Cities’ work on the SAP is a multi-stage project that includes a wide-reaching case study analysis of other municipal sustainability plans, a public outreach and community input plan, and this semester’s project on fundraising strategies. As one of Arizona’s leading sustainable communities, the City of Peoria and its engaged practitioners continue to propel Arizona and its sustainability efforts forward.

Check out the podcast to learn more about students’ collaboration with Peoria and its sustainability planning efforts. You can listen online HERE or search for GovLove wherever you listen to podcasts.

Project Cities is a member of the Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities Network (Epic-N) and is administered by ASU’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory and the Sustainable Cities Network. Stay up to date with Project Cities and the Sustainable Cities Network by following us on social media or subscribing to our newsletter.