3 Ways to Protect Biodiversity Today

The ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, in collaboration with the Conservation International Lab at ASU and Sustainable Earth, recently published a comprehensive article for conservationists of all ages and all

KAITEKI PhD Recipient Receives Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Congratulations to Dr. Fatima Hafsa, the first KAITEKI PhD recipient, who just received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the School of Sustainability.

The Importance of Climate Consciousness: An Interview With Amanda Ellis, former UN ambassador for New Zealand

Leadership coach Hylke Faber sits down with Amanda Ellis to discuss the importance of climate consciousness is today’s business landscape, and what young leaders can do to contribute towards climate

ASU hosts second virtual workshop for USAID on Public Interest Technology (PIT) and Global Development

Two faculty from ASU’s College of Global Futures recently completed a unique two-day virtual workshop for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on Public Interest Technology (PIT) and

Climate Ideation Clinic at ASU gathers students to brainstorm climate innovations

ASU’s historically strong School of Accountancy has a long-standing friendship with ‘big four’ accounting firm Ernst & Young (EY) that goes back for many years. Hundreds, if not thousands, of

GRI Standards

ASU’s GRI Standards Training Course relaunches with 2021 Update

In October 2021, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) announced some modifications to the Standards to both improve them and keep them current with the evolving business landscape. ASU’s College of Global

Earth Week: Global KAITEKI Center Showcase Information

Join us as we explore delivering a cooler planet and thriving futures from the integrated perspectives of sustainable stuff, food, buildings, materials and our own wants, desires, and behaviors.

ASU hosts AZDA Summit with USDA Secretary Tom Vilsak

“Out of crisis, it is incumbent upon us to create something better…something more resilient.” Secretary Tom Vilsak, United States Department of Agriculture Featuring 26 speakers and over 200 Arizonans in

The Second KAITEKI PhD Recipient

Warmest congratulations from all of us at The Global KAITEKI Center (TGKC), to Dr. Carlos Javier Obando Gamboa, the second graduate research assistant supported by TGKC, who successfully completed his PhD studies at the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment at ASU.

The First KAITEKI PhD Recipient

Warmest congratulations from all of us at The Global KAITEKI Center to Dr. Fatima Hafsa, the first graduate research assistant supported by The Global KAITEKI Center who successfully completed her PhD studies at the School of Sustainability at ASU.

The Global KAITEKI Center: Recent Publications and Patents

Recent Publications and Patents from research projects at The Global KAITEKI Center.

Rede NAMI: Women’s Empowerment through Urban Arts

“Our work aims to promote structural change in society, bringing knowledge through communication so that girls and women know how to fight for their rights and guarantee full access to