Ocean Hope Spots, discussion on marine protected areas

Sea turtle swims near corals and small fish

As part of the United Nations Global Compact’s Uniting Business LIVE (September 21-23), marine conservation experts joined a panel discussion titled “Ocean Hope Spots: A panel discussion on marine protected areas with leading experts

The expert panel was composed of Sylvia Earle from Mission Blue;  ‘Aulani Wilhelm from Conservation International; and Lance Morgan from the Marine Conservation Institute.  

The panel discussion was followed by a conversation on innovative sustainability initiatives by Mark Kaplan from Envisible and an audience Q & A session facilitated by ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes Founding Director Leah Gerber.

Watch the full presentation.

On minute 37:31, Gerber discusses our Lenfest Ocean Program grant in the Galapagos National Park, in partnership with WildAid Ecuador, and inquires about best practices in managing marine protected areas.