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CBO faculty at VERGE

CBO Leads Nature Forum at VERGE 2022

In our fight to protect Earth’s biodiversity, Leah Gerber and Shirley-Ann Behravesh led a discussion during the 2022 VERGE Nature Forum, promoting our return-on-investment for conservation research and its potential

3 Ways to Protect Biodiversity Today

The ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, in collaboration with the Conservation International Lab at ASU and Sustainable Earth, recently published a comprehensive article for conservationists of all ages and all

Could coral habitats be rebuilt on sunken warships?

Faculty and researchers from the ASU Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science, teaming with partners from the University of Hawaii, recently published a paper based on their survey of

Dragonflies threatened as wetlands around the world disappear – IUCN Red List

The first global assessment of dragonflies via the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species indicated that the destruction of wetlands is a major contributing factor to the decline of dragonfly

Beth Polidoro tapped for comment on IUCN Red List update for National Geographic

Newly released research from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) of the status of commercial tunas was compiled by a team of ASU researchers, led by associate center

Can market interventions make coral reef fisheries more sustainable?

Program Lead for Coral Reef Conservation, Katie Cramer and Research Professor at the School of Sustainability, Jack Kittinger published an article exploring how market-based initiatives can increase the sustainability of

The transformation of Caribbean coral communities since humans

A new paper on the transformation of Caribbean coral reefs throughout human existence was recently published by Katie Cramer, Program Lead for Coral Reef Conservation. The authors integrated paleoecological, historical,

Young woman typing in a laptop

Seeking admin and communications intern

The ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes is currently seeking an enthusiastic, sustainability-minded intern to support its daily administrative and communication projects. Through this opportunity, interns will enhance transferable skills such

Make a difference for local plants and pollinators

Read the ASU Now story As part of the citizen scientist initiative taking place throughout April, we will be hosting a welcome webinar on Thursday, April 1, at 9:00 a.m.

Gerber quoted in Bioscience: Scientists key to decision-making in critical times

Leaders in the scientific community are calling for better ways to incorporate science into decision-making during periods of crisis and beyond. Gerber’s work on structured decision-making is cited in the article.

Citizen scientists help document ASU flowers and pollinators

Throughout April, the Center for Biodiversity Outcomes invites the ASU community and the entire state of Arizona to participate in a citizen science project to help us document flowering plants and pollinators on ASU’s Phoenix-area campuses.

AAAS 2021 logo

Decision-making in conservation science, 2021 AAAS meeting

Arizona State University will be co-hosting this year’s 2021 AAAS Annual Meeting, February 8-11. During the live virtual meetings, the ASU community will be presenting over 20 sessions and 43