Binational discussion on urban mobility of the future

This year has changed the way we move about our cities and communities, and what that movement means. As cities roll out and begin to implement their reopening plans, we find ourselves at a crucial moment to examine and rethink the inequality blueprinted into the roads, tunnels, sidewalks and bus stops of urban areas like Mexico City and Phoenix.

Panelists include sustainability scientists Diana Bowman, professor in the School for the Future of Innovation and Society and associate dean for international engagement in the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, and Ram Pendyala, director of the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, as well as F├ítima Masse, project coordinator, Instituto Mexicano para la Competitividad.

Join a Sept. 22 binational discussion to consider the future of mobility in a pandemic- and climate change-battered world. The event will be held in English. More information and registration.