Conference: Ethical engineering for sustainability, wicked problems and beyond

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The following opportunity may be of interest to School of Sustainability faculty and students:

Ethical engineering for sustainability, wicked problems and beyond
An online interdisciplinary undergraduate conference for tomorrow’s leaders
December 11—12, 2020

Current and impending social and environmental issues require bold and critical thinking to deliver mitigatory effects. Developing such measures could also serve humankind by charting ethical ways forward regarding how we live with and through technology. Advances in engineering can bolster such pursuits significantly. Attaining common ground for conversation can help advance these aims. This online conference will provide a way for soon-to-be leaders to gain feedback, network, and inspire each other to create a world worth wanting. Here is the challenge for instructors and their students:

Professors, if you are teaching courses such as Engineering Ethics, Environmental Ethics, or Philosophy of Technology, you can assign group projects that attend to the theme of the conference. Guide students into crafting abstracts of 200-300 words that describe their projects, focusing on the normative nature of their topics. Groups whose proposals are accepted will be invited to present through an online platform. While the focus is on group presentations, individual papers are also welcome. There are no costs of any kind.

Students, the range of subjects is open but could include issues of infrastructure, transportation, energy, automation, artificial environments, IoT, desertification, sea-level rise, smart cities, future homes, AI, ICT, water-resource management, waste and recycling, construction and materials, smart living, surveillance, cybersecurity, concrete, space exploration, and all areas of social and environmental justice. Kindly submit your abstract through the portal below.

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2020
Submission Portal

This event is brought to you by the Missouri University of Science and Technology
Questions? Email Dr. Shane Epting, Conference Chair: [email protected]

Review Committee: Dr. Jason Matteson and Dr. Phillip Höenberger (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Dr. Samantha Noll (Washington State University)