Flattening the curve in rural Navajo and Hopi communities

Recently, GIOS receptionist Shaundiin Yazzie shared two initiatives led by her sisters. These include the production and distribution of 3D-printed face shields led by IndigeDesign Collab and a food pantry distribution led by a registered dietician. The initiatives were covered in a news broadcast by local station ABC15 Arizona.

Shaundiin’s sister Eunique Yazzie invites you to watch a video about the IndigeDesign effort, join a Facebook group to get involved, make a donation, or volunteer to deliver supplies. Sister Denee Bex, whose outpatient nutrition consultations are for Navajo elders, the malnourished and immunocompromised, is building a list of people and organizations willing to donate.

These opportunities are shared here as a courtesy and may be shared with your networks as well, if appropriate. Please don’t hesitate to contact Shaundiin if you have any questions.