HUE partnership with City of Tempe for mobile cooling trailer looks forward to future


ASU Engineering students working on converting trailer into a sustainability friendly and sustainable space

HUE partnership with City of Tempe for mobile cooling trailer looks forward to future

HUE and the City of Tempe unveiled a new project that will not only serve as a place of shelter from the brutal summer heat in the Valley of the Sun, but

May 12: The impact of supportive housing on the costs of chronic mental illness

Sustainability scholar Chrissie Bausch and scientist Jonathan Koppell are among the featured presenters for this noontime event, “Housing is Health Care,” presented by ASU’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy

Study shows proximity to convenience stores affects kids’ weight

In a new study, sustainability scientist Punam Ohri-Vachaspati and co-authors found that children who live in an environment with a higher prevalence of unhealthy food sources, such as convenience stores, are more likely to gain weight over time.

COVID-19 virus

Find, track, and win COVID-19-related funding opportunities

The Office of Health Futures at ASU Knowledge Enterprise and Rachel Levinson (Executive Director, National Research Initiatives at ASU in DC) have developed a living document to help faculty and researchers across ASU find opportunities, form interdisciplinary teams, connect with clinical partners and track submissions and awards. ASU login required.

Broadbent, Georgescu explore humans’ exposure to future extreme temperatures

The researchers used state-of-the-art modeling tools to analyze how three key variables — climate change, urban development and population change — would affect human exposure to extreme temperatures from the beginning of this century to its end.

Event Sept. 3: Killer Heat in COVID Times

Last month, Phoenix broke its record for the most days at 110-plus degrees, while being the world’s hotspot for coronavirus. This case critical discussion brings together ASU, the City of Phoenix, as well as a local nonprofit and a national NGO, to discuss the compounding crises of extreme heat and COVID-19.

COVID-19 Diagnostics Commons: A data-driven collaboration

The College of Health Solutions partners with the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation on an initiative to help companies get back to work safely.

Empty food cans

Center for Global Health research focuses on food insecurity during crisis

The center identifies a key theme each year, one that they believe can reinvent and reimagine global health. This year’s focus is on the human experience of food insecurity, and how it is worsened by illness and other crises.

Woman wearing covid mask looking at produce in grocery store

Li, Salon, Kedron investigate COVID-19 societal impacts

From racial discrimination, to digital privacy, to the future of transport, three SGSUP researchers – including two sustainability scientists – have been awarded COVID-19-related research grants.

Children playing outside

Vanos, Middel say shade is a solution to scorching playgrounds

ASU urban climate researchers Jennifer Vanos and Ariane Middel study playgrounds in the Arizona heat. Their research provides insight into these spaces, as well as tips on keeping children safe in the heat.

Navajp woman wearing mask and using hand sanitizer

Native nations are fighting COVID-19 on many levels

COVID-19 has exacerbated infrastructure vulnerabilities on tribal lands, experts said at a virtual town hall hosted by ASU’s Construction in Indian Country program.

Case Critical Event: Tracing COVID-19 in your Wastewater

Join by Zoom on July 15 for a discussion on an ASU/Tempe research project to detect the presence of coronavirus in wastewater and identify hotspots.