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KAITEKI PhD Recipient Receives Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Congratulations to Dr. Fatima Hafsa, the first KAITEKI PhD recipient, who just received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the School of Sustainability.

Earth Week: Global KAITEKI Center Showcase Information

Join us as we explore delivering a cooler planet and thriving futures from the integrated perspectives of sustainable stuff, food, buildings, materials and our own wants, desires, and behaviors.

The Second KAITEKI PhD Recipient

Warmest congratulations from all of us at The Global KAITEKI Center (TGKC), to Dr. Carlos Javier Obando Gamboa, the second graduate research assistant supported by TGKC, who successfully completed his PhD studies at the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment at ASU.

The First KAITEKI PhD Recipient

Warmest congratulations from all of us at The Global KAITEKI Center to Dr. Fatima Hafsa, the first graduate research assistant supported by The Global KAITEKI Center who successfully completed her PhD studies at the School of Sustainability at ASU.

The Global KAITEKI Center: Recent Publications and Patents

Recent Publications and Patents from research projects at The Global KAITEKI Center.

Photo of Venkat Venkatasubramanian

Distinguished KAITEKI Lecture: How Much Income Inequality Is Fair? A Surprising Answer to a 200-Year-Old Open Question in Political Economy

Extreme economic inequality is widely seen as a serious threat to the future of stable and vibrant capitalist democracies. Yet some inequality is inevitable, even desirable and necessary, for capitalist societies to work productively. But how much more? The debate is not so much about inequality per se as it is about fairness.

Photo of Bhavik Bakshi Richard M. Morrow Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, The Ohio State University

Seminar: Reinventing the Chemicals and Materials Industry for a Net-Zero, Nature-Positive World

In this talk, Bhavik Bakshi will describe the advances toward reinventing the CMI to have net-zero emissions and enable ecological restoration. In addition, he will pose a systematic framework for designing a sustainable circular economy of CMI products as well as a research roadmap for reinventing the industry.

The Global KAITEKI Center and the transitioning of Chemicals and Materials Industry companies towards sustainable and circular enterprises

In a special plenary session of the “Sustainable Engineering Forum” of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), at the Annual Meeting of AIChE in Boston, researchers of The Global KAITEKI Center were invited to describe the results of their research on the need that the Chemicals and Materials Industry (CMI) companies must reinvent themselves, in order to accommodate the demands of the upcoming sustainable and circular economy.

Photo of Stratos Pistikopoulos

Inaugural distinguished KAITEKI lecture to feature Stratos Pistikopoulos

In this inaugural Distinguished KAITEKI Lecture, Stratos Pistikopoulos will present the foundations of a Circular Economy Systems Engineering framework and highlight the advantages, limitations, and open questions of this framework as seen through multiple case studies.

TGKC Workshop: Innovation Categories Roadmap for Circular Plastic Packaging

The Global KAITEKI Center, under the leadership of its member, Professor Kevin Dooley, organized a workshop, in order to brainstorm the Innovation Categories, which could play a role in creating supply chains of Circular Plastic Packaging.

Rethinking corporate value with the Global KAITEKI Center

ASU Now Yoshimitsu Kobayashi, Chairman of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, visited Arizona State University on Oct. 24 to kick off the Global KAITEKI Center‘s activities. This center is a partnership

Launching The Global KAITEKI Center at ASU

The Global KAITEKI Center officially kicked off on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 during a launch event at Arizona State University’s Fulton Center. Below is a copy of the event’s agenda,