Nanas y Amas: Building prosperity through dignified domestic work

By Danyelle Kawamura, WE Empower Intern

Claudia Esparza

“Our mission is to promote domestic work with dignity as a powerful tool to build prosperity.” – Claudia Esparza, Founder of Nanas y Amas

Claudia Esparza, Founder of Nanas y Amas

2021 WE Empower Finalists, Latin America and the Caribbean

For over 12 years, Claudia and Nanas y Amas have provided decent work opportunities and empowered domestic workers to achieve economic independence. In alignment with UN SDG1: No Poverty and UN SDG8: Decent Work and Economic GrowthNanas y Amas puts domestic workers in a healthier position to network, own their lives, and achieve their dreams while having access to work and the ability to economically support their families.

Having given support to more than six thousand domestic workers in Peru, Nanas y Amas has contributed to UN SDG 8 by providing decent incomes ranging 70% above the Peruvian Minimum Wage. There is also room for workers to execute growth through employment, training, and educational opportunities. Nanas y Amas promotes the Student Domestic Worker (SDW) campaign conducted in Peru and abroad. Through this program, thousands of domestic workers are given access to educational opportunities and are encouraged to study at institutes and universities to become professional women.

“We open doors for vulnerable women and connect them with opportunities allowing them to take control of their destinies and thrive.” – Claudia Esparza, Founder of Nanas y Amas

Utilizing digital tools and staying optimistic during COVID-19

Watch this video at the 2020 Expo Live in Dubai where Nanas y Amas presented their Student Domestic Worker (SDW) campaign.
Loop app

Despite all of the losses and ongoing challenges that the country of Peru has encountered due to the global pandemic, Nanas y Amas persevered. After the complete closure of businesses at the start of the global pandemic, the business switched to 100% virtual operations and was conducted through cloud computing to transform the work done. Through a new mobile application service called Loop, Venezuelan migrant women supported by Nanas y Amas can easily connect to per-hour home and office cleaning work opportunities. Loop provides a technological solution to aid both employers and domestic workers in finding professional cleaning services. In support of UN SDG5: Gender Equality, the Loop app uses education as a powerful tool to achieve gender equality. Female victims of xenophobia are given the opportunity to earn better incomes, open their own bank accounts and gain community support while finding work positions in alignment with their main professions. Nanas y Amas aims to transform society paradigms and expand to five more countries by 2024 (Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador).

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