Companies Convene at ASU to Discuss the Future of Packaging

Peter Schlosser gives the opening keynote at Future of Packaging 2022.

The Future of Packaging visited ASU in early March for a 2-day convening with professionals from across the country to discuss what packaging will look like in 2032 & beyond. There were about three dozen representatives from companies like General Mills, Abbott Nutrition, Georgia Pacific, McCormick, SC Johnson, and more.

“ASU was selected to host the first of the three Future of Packaging sessions because of the extensive research and work in understanding how society and cities are changing, as well the university’s role in sustainability leadership,” says Todd Bukowski, Principal at PTIS, “the work at ASU served as a great point for us to begin our journey.”

The opening keynote was provided by Peter Schlosser, the Vice President and Vice Provost of the Global Futures Initiative at ASU. Schlosser spoke about the concept of shaping tomorrow, today, and how we have a unique opportunity to create a future in which life thrives on a health planet. Schlosser discussed the central role of society as “society’s willingness to change and recognize planetary boundaries is the key to success in embarking on a trajectory toward a sustainable future. Different choices have to be made in the future.” He also mentioned what the ASU’s Global Futures Laboratory is doing in the fight against climate change, such as initiatives coming out of the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions, the Laboratory for Energy and Power Solutions, and the Decision Theater.

Travis Johnson gives a tour of the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions at ISTB7 in Tempe.

The 2-day visit included an excursion on the Valley Metro light rail just one station away on the other side of the Tempe campus for a tour of ISTB7, the new home of ASU’s College of Global Futures.

The ISTB7 tour explored the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions (pictured) as well as the historical aspects that were preserved (such as the ancient canal system) and the sustainable elements (such as the natural breezeway) that were added to the building’s design. The group concluded the tour with a walk through campus to explore the other sustainability features the Tempe campus has to offer.

Future of Packaging is an event hosted by PTIS and Futurist, John Mahaffie, that moves around to different host universities. For more information on the Future of Packaging visit

Written by Ryan Mores. For more information about ASU’s Executive and Professional Education please contact [email protected] to learn how ASU can support your sustainability goals.