Increasing research impact: Inclusive digital development

Increasing Research Impact: Inclusive Digital Development

From July 19 to 21, 2021, USAID and UKRI hosted a joint workshop that focused on identifying research gaps and questions to inform future research agendas and promote inclusive digital development. The workshop engaged experts in academia and in practice who identified areas where more translational research is needed to promote equitable and just digital development around the world. The workshop themes included: Broadening Perspectives, Addressing Harms, and Identifying Levers of Change. These themes revealed that while there is substantial research on implementing digital technology for development, there are still crucial gaps in our knowledge of how to center people in this implementation and how to integrate public, private, nonprofit, and academic expertise in a manner that produces just and equitable outcomes while mitigating unintended harms.

Read the recently published report on the outcomes of this virtual workshop. Special thanks to Professor Faheem Hussain and Professor Mary Jane Parmentier of Arizona State University’s College of Global Futures.