Jay Davies: Community builder

We are pleased to congratulate Jay Davies, with the City of Peoria on his receipt of the Gabe Zimmerman “Community Builder” Award!

Jay currently serves as the Interim Public Works Director and fmr Chief of Staff for the City Manager’s Office. The “Community Builder” award seeks to recognize efforts made by individuals that advance community pride through job creation and training, healthy communities, environmental and historical preservation, volunteer and philanthropic efforts, and educational advancement.

Jay’s incredible commitment to public service and educational advancement have been on full display through his two years serving in the “Community Liaison” role for the City of Peoria – Project Cities partnership. As our Community Liaison, Jay would work across departments to identify challenges for students to address, then support several research projects simultaneously; his creativity in this role led to 28 student projects over 2 years to advance economic development, public health, community pride, and so much more. Jay’s positive attitude and his commitment to community well-being are infectious. Through this collaboration with ASU students alone, Jay has exemplified the Community Builder criteria—but, this accolade also celebrates over two decades of exemplary public service with the City of Peoria.

Jay Davies has served the City of Peoria in various capacities, starting with the Peoria Police Department, where he accelerated as Deputy Director, overseeing employee recruitment, officer training, neighborhood preservation, community outreach, and more. Jay’s continued dedication to his community had him promoted to Chief of Staff to the City Manager’s Office in 2018.

“Jay’s dedication, passion and caring attitude serve to not simply build a better community, but elevate Peoria’s quality of life”
– Jeff Tyne, City Manager, City of Peoria