How will we protect American infrastructure from cyberattacks?


Infrastructure — it’s one of those words we think we understand, but it can be a hard concept to wrap our brains around. We may vaguely imagine electrical grids or railroads, but infrastructure also includes many other services that are essential for keeping our homes, schools and businesses thriving. It includes roads and transportation, telecommunications networks, water and sewage systems, and electricity. And today, much of it is connected to the internet.

As the Biden administration looks to implement the American Jobs Plan, which includes expanding U.S. infrastructure, cybersecurity needs to be a key consideration to prevent even more costly and dangerous attacks.

ASU is home to a bevy of experts on cybersecurity — in fields from computer science and law to business and humanities — who come together in order to understand and find solutions to this complex, far-reaching problem.

Read the story on ASU News to learn from sustainability scientist Diana Bowman, as well as colleagues Jamie Winterton, Tiffany Bao and Adam Doupé.

Michelle Schwartz