New report: The Critical To-Do List for Organic Agriculture

Critical To-Do List for Organic Agriculture report cover

The Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems is pleased to announce the release of our report: The Critical To-Do List of Organic Agriculture: 46 Recommendations for the President.  

Thirty years ago, Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) as part of the 1990 Farm Bill. The law established strict national standards for organic food and a public-private enforcement program to ensure compliance with the law. Today, the organic industry still faces a number of challenges. This report seeks to address some of these and to provide policy recommendations to better support the growing organic industry and its positive impacts on human health, on the economy, and on climate. Organic agriculture protects consumers and farmworkers from dangerous pesticides. It also provides opportunities for young farmers and for a vibrant local economy. Lastly, organic agriculture is a critical component of a successful climate strategy, as it promotes healthy soil, protects biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

Ariel Kagan