April 6: Global asymmetries, digital extractivism and the fight for economic justice

The workshop brings together three leading scholars to discuss current changes in the global economy. The speakers will address the impact of mobile money, resource extraction, and other transformative factors on economic practices in urban and rural areas of the global south.


  • Sean Maliehe, an African economic historian and ethnographer of commerce, money, and mobile phones
  • Sibel Kusimba, an anthropologist focused on inter-ethnic cooperation, leadership, and environmental change
  • AbdoulMaliq Simone, an urbanist with an abiding interest in the spational and social compositions of urban regions

Register online for th April 6, 2021 event. The discussion will take place from 1-3 p.m. Arizona time (PDT).

Sustainability scholar Nina Berman is director of the School of International Letters and Cultures, which is sponsoring this event along with the Center for Philosophical Technologies, School of Politics and Global Studies, School of Art, Dean of Social Sciences, College of Global Futures, and the Department of Economics.