Center directors share recent highlights

In a recent meeting of center directors affiliated with the Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation, participants were asked to provide a recent highlight or accomplishment. A wide variety of answers were shared, and some of them are reproduced here.

Center for Games and Impact has hosted workshops, local trainings, thought leader gatherings and a month-long game exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum with thousands of visits.

Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science has acquired the Allen Coral Atlas, giving the Global Futures Laboratory the world’s largest coral reef monitoring system.

Center for Innovation in Informal STEM Learning has shipped its Earth & Space 2020 Toolkit to more than 350 partners across the United States.

Center for Science and the Imagination researchers have published a new paper, Using Frankenstein-themed science activities for science ethics education: An exploratory study, out Jan. 28 in the Journal of Moral Education. Three stories CSI published past year were singled out as Locus Magazine’s best reads of the year.

Environmental Humanities Initiative hosts the 2021 Conference of the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture, February 18-28, 2021.

Global Locust Initiative is one of six university partners in the newly created Behavioral Plasticity Research Institute (BPRI), working to enhance understanding of the complex phenomenon of locust phase change from molecules to landscapes.

Knowledge Exchange for Resilience honored three community groups and partners for the inspiring ways they addressed adaptation, equity and social cohesion for resilience.

Center for Responsible Innovation has developed and is about to pilot a reflexive collaboration decision support tool for research technology officers and subject matter experts to advance Responsible Innovation. The tool is based on their flagship sociotechnical integration research (STIR) approach.

Sustainable Cities Network will host three workgroup meetings in February. Its Project Cities program has kicked off a new partnership with the Town of Clarkdale with projects related to affordable housing, smart tech and parks.

The Sustainability Consortium has developed a free online resource guide for sustainable animal feed to help companies address how demand for their products affects air, land, soil, water and biodiversity.

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