Voices from the Future shares stories from the front lines of climate change

Voices from the Future, a product of ASU’s Narrative Storytelling Initative led by sustainability scholar Steven Beschloss, is a collection of stories based on the experiences and insights of survivors of extreme weather events on five continents. This project, both in its perspective and execution, represents the belief that personal stories have the potential to touch a wide cross-section of readers and constructively influence thinking and behavior.

Within these stories, you’ll learn how people responded to disaster and how these experiences have affected their lives and visions of the future.

“I think there’s been a failure to convince the public about the scale of the problem, the nature of potential responses and the science and the reality of climate change,” said Beschloss, who is also narratives lead of the Global Futures Laboratory. Read more about the series and its reach in this story on ASU Now.