Bringing fun back to learning English

Elisamaria Torres is a 2019 WE Empower finalist and the founder of Froggin English for Kids, the first Mexican franchise focused on teaching English as a Second Language to children ages three to 12. The mission of Froggin is to help its students excel in opportunities where English is a necessary tool. It provides innovative learning programs for students to have meaningful engagement with a new language.

Froggin achieves Goal 4 Quality Education by maintaining small class sizes, training teachers, and providing an academic coordinator that ensures each student is successful in their courses. The organization utilizes a play-based methodology to encourage growth and learning in their students. Froggin designed its educational books by including fun materials and bright colors that engage students — this is how they attain Goal 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Allowing students to engage with the English language outside of traditional teaching methods gives students the chance to retain the language in a more profound way. Speaking English provides a myriad of opportunities for students in Mexico, including the opportunity to go to university, learn online, and have access to better paying, urban jobs. By teaching students English, Froggin attains Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities.