Curating online education in Ukraine

Marina Melnik

Marina Melnik, a 2019 WE Empower finalist, is the founder of SkillsUp. Her company provides training, development, and consulting in the information technology field. SkillsUp is making strides to care for the environment by moving their materials online, eliminating paper and plastic waste in coffee zones, and supporting recycling.

SkillsUp achieves Goal 4 Quality Education by providing educational courses, programs, and workshops curated by professionals in the field. Focusing on Edutainment, its goal is to keep its students curious. It offers free workshops and personal development courses to ensure its students train in the field best fitted to their strengths. Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth is accomplished by providing the necessary education for SkillsUp students to be hired in the relevant field. Moreover, the organization offers workshops to help its students develop their CV and train for interviews. Also, it provides other companies with a database of potential employees from its graduate pool. SkillsUp partners with other companies to create growth and sustainable links to support their employees, students, and the environment. Through this, it satisfies the Goal 17 Partnerships for the Goals.