NSF offers flexibility and policy guidance

The research community is facing unique challenges during this crisis, from the unprecedented disruptions to education and academic and research programs, to how to best support public health efforts through our knowledge and expertise.

As we face new and unique challenges in confronting the COVID-19 epidemic, NSF is prioritizing the health and safety of the research community. NSF understands the effects this challenge will have on NSF-funded research and facilities, and they are committed to providing the greatest flexibilities to support your health and safety as well as your work.

In a new announcement, Important Notice No. 146, and a policy implementation guideline document, NSF explains that they are continually updating guidance and online resources to keep you informed. NSF is also accepting proposals for nonmedical, non-clinical-care RAPID research on coronavirus, as our ability to better understand the virus and how to effectively respond will be crucial to public health efforts.