Cornell: The one question I hate getting about my home’s solar roof


Cornell: The one question I hate getting about my home’s solar roof

The fact that it is possible to power an entire house and two cars with today’s technology seems to intrigue most people. It also inevitably leads to another question. The question that drives sustainability scientist Ryan Cornell a little bit crazy.

May 12-14: Latin American perspectives on post pandemic

The WAAS regional event “Perspectives on Post Pandemic” will examine different perspectives on social, economic, political, educational and environmental matters, taking into account the plurality of realities in Latin America.

Kyl Center releases new story map about Arizona’s watersheds

This story map connects our water supply to the landscapes we depend on, both natural and built environments. It drills down into the complex relationships between land and water by examining forest health, wildfires, climate change, and our state’s amazing biodiversity.

TSC Summit 2021 goes virtual: The future of resilient supply chains

TSC Summit 2021 features big ideas, on-the-ground solutions and deep dives into transparency to tackle the path towards more sustainable consumer products.

Deadline extended: Global Futures Research Accelerator

The Global Futures Research Accelerator empowers the Scientists and Scholars network to develop an ASU research enterprise strategy to increase competitiveness, funding success, partnerships and societal impact. Apply by May 17.

Registration open for Nobel Prize summit ‘Our Planet, Our Future’

The program includes remarks from Johan Rockström, Beatie Wolfe, Xiye Bastida, Steven Chu, John Kerry, Anthony Fauci, Ursula Von der Leyen, the Dalai Lama, and many other distinguished presenters. April 26-28, 2021. Free virtual event.