Crow: Face coverings required in campus buildings


Student wearing covid mask typing on laptop

Crow: Face coverings required in campus buildings

Effective immediately at ASU, face coverings will be required for all employees, students and visitors while in buildings. Face coverings will also be required in outdoor community spaces where social distancing isn’t possible.

Cavid mask on top of a pile of money

Hodge: Economy, public health in tug-of-war

The director of ASU’s Center for Public Health Law and Policy has fielded more than 500 inquiries seeking guidance on public health law and policy issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read his interview with ASU Now.

Ashok Mishra

Mishra awarded Publication of Lasting Impact award

With his 1997 publication, agribusiness professor Ashok Mishra changed agricultural policy around the world and initiated several government-wide projects for the well-being of self-employed farm family businesses

Sustainability scientists forecasting the future of mobility

The success of technologically advanced means of automated movement of people, products and services depends on public attitudes, values, perceptions and willingness to embrace new and different things, more so than innovation.

National Science Foundation logo

NSF solicitation: Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems

Full proposals are due November 16, 2020. This solicitation is an update of the program previously known as CNH and CNH2. In the last five years, ASU sustainability scientists have received two CNH/CNH2 awards.

Philosophers of science and sustainability scientists unite!

Sustainability scientist Tyler DesRoches is among several authors of an article on the nature and significance of sustainability science, forthcoming in the journal Sustainability Science.

Desktop microphone

Project Humanities launches new podcast club

Next discussion: June 18. “Talking, Listening and Podcasting with ASU Project Humanities” is a new series that invites individuals to experience a podcast independently, then come together to talk about and learn from it.

Sara Brownell

Brownell named 2020 LGBTQ+ Educator of the Year

Brownell’s research, leadership and personal commitment to improving science education, especially for underrepresented minorities, led to the organization’s recognition.