The NSF CAREER: Should I or shouldn’t I apply?


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The NSF CAREER: Should I or shouldn’t I apply?

Applying for an NSF CAREER is a big job but being awarded one indicates that there is real excitement about you and your work. If you are interested in applying in 2020, please contact the GFL Research Development Office for more information and to set up an appointment.

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Registration is open for winter school in agriculture

Sign up now for the Winter School in survey design and experimental methods in applied and agricultural economics, directed by sustainability scholar Carola Grebitus. The program, open to faculty, runs March 16-20, 2020. Student scholarships are still available.

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POSTPONED! Emerge 2020: Eating at the Edges

What does it mean to eat in a world of increasing environmental extremes? Check out Emerge 2020: Eating at the Edges, March 21. Look at alternative forms of food production, distribution and consumption and build a new culinary world that is more inclusive and equitable.

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New publication: Carefarm helps to alleviate traumatic grief

This month in Health & Place, sustainability scholar Joanne Cacciatore and colleagues outline a new approach to caring for those in trauma and grief. Greencare therapy, of which care farming is an example, facilitates individuals’ interactions with nature with the intent of providing a health benefit.

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Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability celebrates 15 years

On the 15th anniversary of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, here’s a look back the accomplishments and evolution of the ASU Wrigley Institute.

Christiana Figueres Wrigley Lecture ASU

Christiana Figueres inspires action to cut carbon emissions in half this decade

At the Wrigley Lecture Jan. 30 at ASU, climate leader Christiana Figueres said extreme events like the Australian wildfires are foretelling of things to come if we continue to sleepwalk into the future. “That world is possible, but it is not inevitable,” she said.