Christiana Figueres inspires action to cut carbon emissions in half this decade


Christiana Figueres Wrigley Lecture ASU

Christiana Figueres inspires action to cut carbon emissions in half this decade

At the Wrigley Lecture Jan. 30 at ASU, climate leader Christiana Figueres said extreme events like the Australian wildfires are foretelling of things to come if we continue to sleepwalk into the future. “That world is possible, but it is not inevitable,” she said.

Wrigley Hall building

Celebrating 15 years of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

We’re looking forward to the board meeting on Feb. 17-18. While we celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, we quickly turn our focus to influencing the next 15 years. Meeting agenda is on the board website (password: board). Questions? Contact Emma Hopson ([email protected]).

Flooding in Norfolk, Virginia

Sunny day flooding in Norfolk, Virginia

“Sunny Day Flooding,” a 9-minute documentary produced by Stephen Beschloss for the Global Futures Laboratory, investigates the climate crisis in Norfolk, Virginia — site of the world’s largest Naval base. Norfolk is the first U.S. location where complications from sea level rise began in earnest.

View about people sharing a meal showing plates of food

The wisdom of indigenous foodways

To equitably transform our food systems and tackle climate change, we must include indigenous voices and decision-makers. That’s why the 2020 Food Tank Summit, co-sponsored by ASU’s Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems, focused on the wisdom of traditional knowledge systems.

Airplane flying over Gao River in Hawii

ASU center makes global impact on ecology, conservation science

Established in January 2019, the Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science is directed by Greg Asner and builds on his lab work of coral reef mapping and measuring plant biodiversity in forests. The center is already making impressive impacts on global environmental decision-making.

Student presenting at Student Showcase event

Project Cities puts student talent on the map

For three years, Project Cities has been successfully connecting policymakers and students to co-create strategies for better environmental, economic and social outcomes. This success can be seen with Apache Junction, the program’s first community partner. “Project Cities is an invaluable resource,” said a city official.

Jesse Senko at night, at sea, looking at a fishing net

ASU conservation scientist on a mission to save sea turtles

Propelled by his long-time love for sea turtles, ASU marine biologist and conservation scientist Jesse Senko dedicated his life to saving the creatures. To reduce turtle bycatch from fishing nets, he developed effective solar-powered lights that attach to the nets and deter the turtles.