UREx Future Cities podcast recognized by ESA


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UREx Future Cities podcast recognized by ESA

Urban Resilience to Extremes SRN’s monthly podcast, Future Cities, has been awarded the Ecological Society of America’s “Science Communication in Practice Award.” This award is given to ESA members who

Osvaldo Sala

Sala to advise US Global Change Research Program

In July 2021, Osvaldo Sala, founding director of the Global Drylands Center and Julie A. Wrigley Chair, Regents’ and Foundation Professor, was nominated by the National Academies of Science, Engineering,

Call for applications: Knowledge Exchange for Resilience

The mission of the Knowledge Exchange for Resilience is to support Maricopa County, Arizona by sharing knowledge, catalyzing discovery, and exchanging responses to challenges together, in order to build community

Making Sense of Complexity: A webinar series and explainer video

Trying to understand complexity and the concept of Complex Adaptive Systems? Learn from your colleagues in the School of Complex Adaptive Systems, College of Global Futures. Their webinar series, Making

Sept. 2: Food. Nature. People.

Food, nature and people are the three essential elements of our food system. When these elements are in balance, our food system provides nutritious food and livelihoods and supports natural

Sept. 7: Workshop on reimagining climate futures

Join the Center for Science and the Imagination (CSI), the Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG) and the UK Science and Innovation Network for a workshop that brings together

Sept. 1-2: Advancing women, peace and security in the Indo-Pacific

To further the implementation of Women, Peace and Security (WPS) that advances a Free and Open Indo-Pacific, Pacific Forum International, in partnership with USINDOPACOM Office of WPS, is organizing the

Entrepreneur Magazine: These are the reasons why you will return to your desk

The future of the office has become an open question after the coronavirus lockdown forced billions of people to work from home. Will office workers return to their cubicles with

The Conversation: Organic food has room to grow

Organic food once was viewed as a niche category, but today it’s a routine choice for millions of Americans, with over half of organic sales in conventional grocery store chains,

Rethinking resources and conservation

An Arizona State University assistant professor says laws regarding natural resources on public land are antiquated and prevent voluntary conservation. “Use-it-or-lose-it requirements, together with narrow definitions of eligible uses, can

Announcing GFORS, the Global Futures Research Service

The Global Futures Office of Research Services (GFORS) is a virtual organization of the set of services required by members of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory to plan,

California wildfires make underground utilities an infrastructure priority

Despite years of declaring that conversion of high-voltage, long-distance electrical transmission lines to underground installation was cost prohibitive, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has announced plans to spend $20 billion